San Francisco – America’s Jewel on The Pacific Coast

San Francisco

The most interesting cities of the U S A are – San Francisco, New York, Boston, New Orleans, but are surpassed by the natural wonders of the Yellowstone National Park, The Canyons, the Okeechobee region, just to name a few.

San Francisco was established by the Spanish ( Gaspar de Portila) in 1776 as a port where today  the Golden Gate Bridge begins and a mission in honor of Francis of Assisi are located. Before Conquistadors arrived, Ohlone people were living there since 3000 B.C.

San Francisco is famous for its 50 hills, the eclectic architecture, its diverse population, museums, tourist sites, the Golden Gate suspension bridge, unique cable cars, and the Alcatraz. It attracts millions of tourists (ranks 35th of 100 cities worldwide).

San Francisco is close to the Silicon Valley, and Napa Valley, a wine tourism attraction in California.

Silicon Valley’s young and affluent entrepreneurs like to spend their leisure time in San Francisco’s fine restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues.

Known for its landmarks of concentration of high-technology companies, San Francisco boasts enviable gastronomic options beyond sourdough and chocolates. The following establishments are known for their avant-garde menus outstanding service – Blue Dane Gardens, Saison, Lazy Bear, and Mr Jiu’s are some that come to mind. Reservations are an absolute must. For some you may be put  on a waiting list.

San Andreas and Hayward faults are responsible for the many minor earthquakes in San Francisco, which forced city fathers to create bylaws regarding earth quake resistant buildings to at least mitigate major catastrophes such as the 1906 Earthquake and fire that destroyed the city.  But the city was quickly rebuilt.

The Fisherman’s Wharf, full of restaurants, is a main attraction that can be accessed by cable car, and the Union Square is in the middle of the city. For those who like museums, San Francisco offers many – Museum Of Modern Art, Asian Art Museum, California Academy Of Sciences, and Natural History Museum. Steinhart’s Aquarium is a major attraction.

The economy of the city revolves around tourism, finance, research, biotechnology, and publishing. You can discover the city using exclusively cable cars, on foot, or by sightseeing buses, ferries.

Alcatraz, the famous island of an “escape proof” jail, The Angel Island to admire porpoises, sail boats, and huge ocean-going container ships ferrying goods from China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and India are all musts for any tourist.

Many hotels in all categories cater to conventions that bring in millions into the city’s coffers. American companies and associations believe in conventions, all of which contribute to the wealth of the city. China Town is a major attraction selling various types of memorabilia and household goods from several Asian countries.

Many fine restaurants offer authentic Chinese specialties, and Americanized versions of Chinese food. If you want a truly great food experience choose carefully.

This vibrant city is `heaven for gastronomic delights featuring innovative and traditional cuisines.

Nearby Napa Valley is full of word-class wineries eager to pour their award-winning wines and there are restaurants featuring imaginatively and expertly cooked and presented local produce, and seafood from the Pacific Ocean.

San Francisco`s airport is served my many American and Asian airlines, and offers dependable light-rail train connection to the city canter.

A visit to San Francisco is an eye-opener for any tourist seasoned or neophyte.