San Marino (Officially Most serene Republic of San Marino)

San Marino
San Marino

This small republic, locate between Marche and Emiglia Romagna close to Rimini on the Adriatic Sea, comprises 61 km2 with an estimated population of 30 000.

It claims to be the world’s oldest republic, founded by a stonecutter names Marinus of Abe, in 301 A.D.

The economy depends mainly of tourism, financial institutions, small industry, and services. It enjoys the lowest unemployment in teh world and maintains a very high GDP.

Per capita GDP exceeds $ 55 000.00; that is higher than most European countries, and even Canada.

The Borgo Maggiore, the largest city of San Marino, is the most visited, because of its impressive castle atop a steep hill.

Dogana is the capital, with its medieval Piazza Grande, and heliport nearby.

San Marino’s treasury earns significant quantities of funds by printing colourful stamps, and offering low taxation (19 per cent) to foreign companies that choose to locate their “head offices” in the republic.