San Sebastian – Basque Country's Gastronomic Capital.

San Seastian

This vibrant city located on the Bay of Biscay in the Atlantic Ocean, is a short drive from the French border to the east. It is a Basque city par excellance with an eclectic architecture (Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles) and orderly grid layout.

Ornate Belle Epoque huge apartments line the shoreline. Small residences feature wrought-iron balconies that represent Basque art.

Basque people call San Sebastian Donostia. The Crescent shaped Playa de la Concha may be one of the world’s most appealing and beautiful urban beaches.

Basilica de Santa Maria del Corso and Parte Vieja (old city) are well worth exploring on foot while admiring the historic atmosphere, architecture, and romantic 18th century street lamps fuelled by gas.

Many anthropologists maintain tat Basques represent the oldest surviving culture in Europe. They have never submitted to colonizers, and protected their heritage by negotiating with more powerful nations.

Basque country exudes authenticity like no other in Europe. A visitor can stroll through the city’s neighbourhoods enjoy well-maintained public squares, and the architecture.

The gastronomically inclined visitor can dine at Arzak, Akelare, and Martin Berastegui – all restaurants with innovative menus that rival the best in other European cities, and known for their fine cuisine.

You can also experience a typical Spanish lunch by visiting restaurants specializing in tapas, here called pintxos.

Seafood in San Sebastian is always first rate and never disappointing. In any restaurant or at fishmonger seafood is never older than a few hours between the sea and table or shelf.

Top-notch, and highly creative menus are an integral part of San Sebastian’s culture. A disciple of world famous Ferran Adria, Andoni Luis Adoriz is the owner and chef at his restaurant called Mugaritz.

All his plates are presented in panoply of colours, with textures and taste that harmonize beautifully.

Hotel Maria Cristina is the old-world luxury hotel of San Sebastian, but Astoria 7, and Hotel Monpas are small but exotic and located close to some of the more interesting restaurants of the city. El Lagar is one of them.

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