Romans on the Bay of Santander founded this small city on the Atlantic Coast of Spain.

The perfectly shaped harbour on the bay was the favourite summer residence of King Alfonso XIII in the 1900’s.

Santander has a population of 180 000 and offers tourists several beaches (El Sardiniero being one), and another is Peligros.

Palacio de la Magdalena and gardens, Paseo de Peredo, the El Sardiniero historical district, the Santander Cathedral, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Prehistory are only some of the sights.

The best time to visit is May to October.

The seafood restaurants in the Barrio Pesquero (Fishermen’s Wharf) offer the freshest and most expertly prepared fish specialties. Try the fries calamari.

There are many other eateries, ranging from tapas to North American style fast food.

Visiting the sites on foot is the best way to enjoy Santander‘s ambience and atmosphere, but some prefer to use the hop-on-hop-off bus tour, or even rent a bicycle.

Ryanair flies to Santander from London, and several ferries from England and Brittany in France sail to the city.

There are also comfortable bus connections from major Spanish cities and from all over neighbouring countries and/or cities i.e London, Milan, Frankfurt am Main, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Tourists can book accommodations at several levels of luxury through the Internet.



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