Scallops – Delicate, Delicious and Incomparable Gourmet Food.


Those who love to eat seafood scallops experience incomparable, particularly delightful tastes and flavours. Scallops are delicate, soft, easily digestible ad enhance other seafoods like mussels, shrimps, and salmon in stews.

Scallops are bivalves inhabiting all oceans of the world. Deep-sea scallops are considered to be more flavourful than those on shallower waters.

While in some countries they are enjoyed as food, in others they are fully ignored because of outdated local or religious beliefs.

Of the two basic methods of fishing scallops – the diver method is environmentally more responsible, as opposed to scraping the sea bottom and destroying the seabed for a very long time.

Diver scallops require more labour and are more expensive.

A third method is now evolving by catching young scallops and “farming” them in huge cages.

Scallops are strong migratory swimmers, which allow them to feed on planktons, as well as escape dangers.

Generally, the adductor muscle that holds both shells together and propels the scallop is extracted and sold. The edible portion represents only 11 per cent of the total bivalve.

Fresh scallops that are available in large coastal cities are expensive but well worth buying. They taste better.

You can eat them raw, after slicing and flavouring the pieces with sea salt and a bit of lemon juice.

Most of the scallops sued in restaurants are bought frozen and grade by size. The small ones cost less and have a rubbery texture. “dry pack” frozen scallops are better versus those “wet pack” which are treated with sodiumtriployphosphate (STPP) that helps retain moisture, thus diluting taste but providing a weight advantage to the packer. The fishermen of north-eastern U.S.A and Atlantic Canada catch huge amounts of scallops but the largest producer of “farmed” scallops is China.

This delicate seafood can be sautéed, pan-fried, breaded and deep fried, eaten raw, and used in stews.



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