Schloss Reinhartshausen – A Legendary Rheingau Estate

Schloss Reinhartshausen
Schloss Reinhartshausen

Rheingau is one of the most famous German wine Riesling producing regions.

It is located on the north shore of the mighty Rhein River, that starts in Switzerland and flows through the Netherlands and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

The state is located approximately 40 kilometres west of Frankfurt am Main.

Many venerable estates call Rheingau home, including the storied property Schloss Rheinhartshausen, (schloss German for chateau), origins of which date back to 1337.

Through the cellars, corridors and winery, blows the air of history that breath Riesling.

The Lergenmuller Family owns the estate, and offers tours for anyone interested in old schloss architecture and wine.

Visitors are guided through festive and gilded banquet halls, the winery, historical cellars and the Marinneaue Island on which on of the vineyards of the estate is located.

At the end of the visit, you can expect a tasting, and you are encouraged to walk through the vinotheque that includes wines, and other wine related goods.

Schloss Reinharthausen owns part of four famous single Rheingau vineyards (Hattenheime Nussbrunnen, – Wisselbrunnen, Erbacher Siegelsberg, -Hohenrein.) All of the four vineyards are planted to riesling, but on the island Mariannenaue sauvignon blanc, pinot blanc and chardonnay as well as riesling yield extraordinarily fine wines.

The island was naturally created by the mighty Rhein River some 10 000 years ago on a bed of chalk sand and pebbles that had been washed down from the Alps.

The estate also owns parcels in communal large vineyards of Marcobrunn and Schlossberg.

Every year since 1861, cellar masters select the best wines of the vintage and store a number of bottles in the vaults for future use and tastings.

This virtual wine museum houses “wine gems” that are occasionally poured for special guests and tastings.

All Schloss Reinhartshausen wines I have tasted to date tasted exceptionally intense, are aromatic, and balanced with memorable mouth feel.

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