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Secret Paris

Paris attracts millions of tourists and most visit mainly famous sites, a few museums, mainly the Louvre, one or two world famous restaurants and think they have seen what this fascinating city has to offer.

In reality, Paris is much more than a few sites. It has 20 neighbourhoods (arrondissments) each offering a number of interesting sites. Take the Eiffel Tower in the seventh district. Once you have  have visited it, you should also visit nearby sites. In this case it is the Chimney Of The Eiffel Tower, The Garden Of The Lutheran Church and the Vertical Gardens which in their own right are of interest and complete the experience.

The same is true for each arrondissment.

This handy book is full of such interesting and worthwhile but less known sites, Visitors to Paris spend only a few days in the city, but ideally any tourist should spend at least one week to get an idea of this historic and interesting city on teh River Seine.

Secret Paris is full of pointers that will make any visitor understand and appreciate Paris and its sites much better.

A map prefaces each district with all sites clearly marked. The first map of the book is to scale while those that follow are to scale but the scale is absent. Interested parties must use a ruler to determine distances involved. Garance and M. Ratton have accomplished monumental task by writing a book in which each district’s sites are documented and explained.

Anyone planning to visit Paris should buy this informative book, study it, and decide, based on the time available, which site deserves his/her attention.

Highly recommend.

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