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Wine enthusiasts are spoilt when it comes to literature about matching food and wine, but beer aficionados must look far and wide to find articles about best beer and food matches.

Beer is produced in many more countries than wine, and the flavour changes with the water for brewing available on location among other ingredients i.e malt, yeast, hops. More than 90 per cent of the beer is water.

Even a brand using the same formula elsewhere fails to taste the same as several licensed brands in North America have proven, e.g Budweiser, Kirin, and Carlsberg are only a few that come to mind.

If you are interested in beer, look for products from local craft breweries. Some are so small that you can only buy them from the brewery retail shop, or if you are lucky, from all brand L C B O stores in Toronto, Ottawa, London, and a few selected cities in the province. In Europe things are somewhat different. Monasteries brewed the best beers. Some sell to wholesalers and export, as is the case with Chimay, and a few others, but some only sell to people who visit the brewery and only in limited quantities.

Roast ham goes extremely well with brown and amber ales, or you can opt for a true Czech pilsner.

If you like roast turkey, go with Belgian ales from Chimay or Orval monasteries. (Both are available in Ontario).

Indian pale ales from English breweries and roast leg of lamb are great matches.

Simply pan-fried white-fleshed fish, fired in clarified butter, goes well with pilsner-style beers.

Stronger tasting fish like smoked salmon or tune, or swordfish need smokes beer or stout. Planked or grilled salmon goes with Belgian abbey-brewed ales.

Those who prefer chicken to any other protein in their diet should select flavourful pilsner-style beers.

I have not forgotten vegetarians, or vegans who like beer. If you like spicy vegetarian stews, select a hoppy ale. But if you prefer root vegetable stews, go with heavy ales and stouts.

Salad lovers can stay with light pilsner from Germany or Alsace, or northern Italy, or Norway, or Finland.

Of coruse, wheat beer and slads or for that matter, herb-flavorued vegetabels stews, complemeny each other exteremely well.

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