SIAL- 2015 Toronto

SIAL- 2015 Toronto
SIAL– 2015 Toronto

SIAL headquartered in Paris, specializes in food and beverage shows in major cities (Montreal, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, Shanghai, Paris, and manila) biannually. During the three day exhibitions, several exporters from many countries display their products for interested people to sample.

SIAL also organizes innovative product and packaging competitions. This year’s winner was Lobster and Chipotle Dip by Malimousse ( Montreal

The olive oil display in the Toronto exhibition featuring more than 100 olive oils was impressive in its size and scope covering a wide range of olive oils. Canadian Dairy Association cheese display and tasting booth offered several fine cheeses. A new addition was a cheese and wine pairing seminar.

2015 Toronto participants came from several food-exporting countries. I spent a full day tasting a variety of specialities from sweets, chocolates, olive oils, coffees, teas, meat, and rice.

It is best to visit SIAL at least two days, and if possible, three days. There are so many interesting foodstuffs and specialities that you need to spend at least a few minutes at each booth.

I found the following companies products well worth buying. You are most likely going to enjoy any or all. They are produced adhering to highest quality standards and display innovative packaging.

Coffee Soriano, Colombia (; chocolates (Amman-Jordan, website, wild meat products La Maison du Gibier, Quebec; Chocolatier Robert, Antananarivo, Madagascar, Poi Chaang Coffee Company, Thailand , Haskapa Berry Company, Pure infused maple syrup

If you are a food exporter or importer, SIAL is a must to attend.
As a consumer or restaurateur, you will benefit from sampling different foods, new packaging, new flavours and suppliers.

SIAL is worth the expense and time to expand your business and/or culinary horizons.

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