Sial – 2017 north America’s largest food innovation trade show


Today’s fast-evolving market is rife with opportunities for growth and innovation.  SIAL, headquartered in Paris, organizes bi-annual food expositions in Montreal, Toronto, Shanghai, Paris, Jakarta, Abu Dhabi, and Manila.

SIAL brings its extensive expertise to cerate not only a great export, or import opportunities, but also showcases to restaurateurs, and consumers the best, and most modern technological packaging for foods.

The foods on display and to sample taste great, allow visitors to spot food trends that will help shape the global food industry for some time to come.

SIAL will host exhibitions in Shanghai in May 2017, in Jakarta in November, and in Abu Dhabi in December.

SIAL Toronto featured 1005 brands from 50 countries attracting 16,578 visitors (32 pr cent more than in 2015) from 65 countries.

Any food processor interested in exporting to North America would benefit from visiting SIAL exhibitions, but especially that in Toronto as this organization has not organized anything in the U S A.

The biggest numbers of exhibitors were from China but only few repetitive could communicate in English or French.

Then there were Turkish pasta manufacturers and olive oil producers who thought being present and displaying their products would end up attracting attention without any samples of prepared foods.

Tunisians were more energetic with people garbed in national costumes, cooking up a storm and inviting anyone interested to taste their intriguing delicacies.

The French, Italian, and Spanish sections were best organized offering their products expertly by well-trained and knowledgeable representatives.

You could taste outstanding hams form Bayonne (France), Extremadura (Spain), and Parma (Italy).

Spanish canned seafood tasted absolutely delicious, as in Europe only the best quality seafood is canned.

Iran is famous for its high quality saffron. Zarpar saffron and date company had a boutique, but representatives refused to hand out samples, and even refused to sell any, which shows how poor management decisions can affect business adversely.

Several de-alcoholised wine manufacturers presented their wares to enthusiastic consumers looking for new taste experiences.

South-, Central American, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, and small European countries were well represented offering their specialties.

All European, North African and North American olive oil producers present had also set up a huge tasting counter that provided and opportunity to anyone interested in olive oil to sample and compare.

A California extra virgin olive tasted closest to absolute first class Tuscan oil.

Australia and the U S A are now considered to produce the purest and unadulterated extra virgin olive oils.

French sausages, pates, hams and other preserved foods drew thousands to their section for samples.

Those looking for alcoholic beverages could taste wines from Spain, France, Spain, Hungary, and Italy.

If you were interested in Canadian cheeses, you could have spent several hours tasting hundreds of tasty products.

Overall SIAL 2017 Toronto was a success , and if you are interested in importing foods, or are a food processor, or restaurateur or consumer, plan to the 2019 SIAL Toronto at the Enercare building on the Exhibition grounds.





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