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Does Taking Sips of Wine and Beer is good for Toddlers.

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Does Taking Sips of Wine and Beer is good for Toddlers

When beer and other alcohol drinks have become legal to people from the age of 18, there are toddlers and babies who are already in competition to win their share of alcohol. There are people who say that their culture allows the kids to consume alcohol but in the other hand there are doctors who say that no matter what alcohol is dangerous and is strictly forbidden to all age groups. So what is the real deal about this? Let us run through.

Why kids are allowed to be acquainted with Wine

In places like France, Italy, Middle East etc., kids drinking wine is very common and is also encouraged by the parents themselves. They say that they respect alcohol and their kids consuming it don’t bother them enough to stop them. Beyond culture, some families feel that the kids consuming limited alcohol in front of them is far better than the endless alcoholism they would get acquainted with when they are besides they are spoilt friends.

Some studies also say that it is better for the kids to drink wine as it would give them a good texture for their skin and also helps in improving their metabolism. In western and European states, it is often a practice to consume wine with heavy meals as they help to digest the food. In between sips of wine also makes them to eat less. Wine is mostly paired with spicy heavy food to avoid the sense of purging. There are so many benefits that can convince the parents to allow their kids to get used to the flavor of alcohol like wine and beer. But, No matter the benefits, Wine is bad for kids.

Though people mind chart down numerous positive feedbacks about drinking wine, it is proved by medical experts that be it little or more wine is dangerous for kids and elders as well. When a child has up to seven sips of wine, that will more than sufficient to reach the blood alcohol level that is forbidden while driving. For small kids, the circulation of the entire body would be very active and this alcohol consumed will having a significant impact on their brain.

Over dose of alcohol can also lead to fatal results in children. The alcohol has adverse effects on the blood as it lowers down the blood sugar level which might result in giddiness, fatigue, irritation and confusion. The heat in the body constantly drops down due to wine and beer consumption as the alcohol’s quantity can surpass the limit that is allowed for that particular body weight.

When there are so many drawbacks of drinking wine and beer, they get overlooked by the small benefits which can be obtained from any other means with causes no harm. There are so many natural products which render the same benefits as that of wine and beer; hence let us and our kids all march towards the natural and healthy way instead of getting used to this nasty habit.

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