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Slower is better

The author and his team accomplished a feat few others have so far, in helping busy people, but particularly women who hold down a job, and run a household.

The book is full of useful recipes that can be prepared and placed in a slow cooker, and programmed.

Modern programmable slow cookers are advanced enough to allow you to set the timer for the machine to stop the cooking process, but hold the food warm enough for service. The second phase can also be set to suit your needs.

The text starts with commonly asked questions by beginners.

Then the content switches to spices and their use in cooking, freezing of cooked food, dinners, weeknights, celebrations (tacos, game, brunch), vegetarian specialties, side dishes, and old-school desserts.

In all, 75 well thought-out easy-to-cook recipes should make it simple for any busy person to feed a family of four.

Cooks have always known and practised that slow cooking breaks down tough fibres and renders meat or any food more tender and flavourful.

Some restaurant chefs, and especially banquet chefs, use slow cooking techniques for tough meat cuts, save cost, and lower labour expenses.

In this book you will benefit from accumulated knowledge of cooking chemistry, and recipes that cater to modern life styles. Freezing cooked dishes is an additional bonus to save time.

For the beginner, the most essential preparation requirement would be knife skills and judging how to calibrate size of pieces, I e. Cilantro pulled pork recipe (page 64) calls for 3 ½ lbs (1.6 kilogram) boneless pork shoulder cut into four to six pieces rather than giving more exact measurements. The size of pieces affects cooking time. This is a small, but important detail.

Cooking requires a detail-oriented mind, some knowledge of physics and chemistry, and a good deal of artistic sense to present the food in an appetizing fashion.

You can get by with one slow cooker (don’t buy an expensive model with a lot of additional features). A medium-priced sturdy machine is all you need.

You can have two slow cookers if you want to prepare two separate dishes for one meal, or when you decide to invite guests for a buffet-style party.

Slower Is Better could be regarded as a Godsend for busy mothers or anyone holding down employment and managing a household.

Highly recommended.


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