sogevinusSogevinus Fine Wines is proud to declare Vintage 2011 for its four houses – KOPKE, BURMESTER, CÁLEM AND BARROS – presenting the first classical Vintage of the decade.

Vila Nova de Gaia, April 17th, 2013 – Produced in only years of exceptional quality, a rare event that only occurs two or three times a decade, these Vintage Ports embody the alliance between the weather conditions, the rich terroir and the enology work.

The viticultural year of 2011 was a challenging one, with unusual characteristics that required additional efforts to ensure a balanced evolution of the grapes. As the enology director Pedro Sá refers, despite the weather conditions it was possible to achieve an excellent fruit development: “An unusual wet winter was followed by a very dry spring, resulting in an early bud burst and flowering yet with great quality potential. September began hot and dry, causing a rapid yet balanced advance in maturation. On 12th September, when the harvesting began, the grapes were in excellent condition, healthy and at the right stage of maturation, combining the ideal characteristics for the making of great Port Wines”.

Sogevinus’ Vintage Port Wines are produced from a selection of the best plots and the best grapes from the Quinta de S. Luiz and Quinta do Arnozelo Wine Estates, combining the prodigy of the technique with the art of the lot to preserve the style and identity of each Port House.

Sogevinus Fine Wines can therefore confirm the excellent expectations about 2011 harvest and is pleased to witness the quality achieved: “the result could not have been better. These are complete wines, full of colour, characterized by flawless freshness and complexity. Powerful wines that seduce and delight while young, but that, mainly, show a remarkable evolution potential and are capable of crossing and remaining in History”, says Pedro Sá, the master taster.

The wines will be bottled in June 2013 and will be available for purchase in July. Rare wines, with limited production, that confirm the tradition of Sogevinus brands producing Port Wine of superior quality.

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The rainfall during winter was slightly above normal, with special highlight for the month of December. From late spring until early autumn, the weather was dry, with different values of the different areas of the Douro region, but, normally, below average. Air temperature in April and May was well above average compared to the records of the past 30 years. Special highlight for the three heat waves felt: one in April and two in May. July brought strong winds with temperatures below average. As far as August is concerned, it recorded great oscillations in temperature with days reaching temperatures close to the ones recorded during the heat wave and others with abnormal low temperatures and rainfall. The month of September was very warm with temperatures between 25º and 30ºC.


With regard to the evolution of the vegetative cycle, there was an anticipation of the bud burst and flowering of about 15 days compared to 2010, having occurred in the second week of March and May, respectively.

The month of May was particularly lavish to the growth of vegetation, due to the high temperature and water availability in the soil. One should note that the anticipation of the vegetative cycle only suffers a slight slowdown in late August, due to the rainfall felt by the end of August which anticipated the beginning of the harvest in 10 days.


The work in the vineyard focused on the practice a “BIO-SENSATA” based viticulture strategy, oriented to take the most of the vineyard ecosystem services in order to maximize the diversity of the micro-terroirs existing in the wine estates, thus ensuring high levels of quality and the sustainability of our vineyards.

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