Solving festive season gift selection headaches

Wine Festival

If you count vinophiles among your friends and family here are a few gift packaged alcoholic beverages you may want to consider.

It is easy to walk into a large L C B O or any alcoholic beverage store anywhere in the world and pick up the majority of your gifts in one place, and conveniently.

You can also rest assured that your wine- or Scotch-loving friends would appreciate your thoughtful selection.

L C B O buyers make special efforts to select appealing gift-packaged wines or spirits just for the season.

Most are reasonably priced and attractively packaged wines, and very fine sparkling wines to celebrate the “New Year”.

In most alcoholic beverage stores employees know a lot about the merchandise and can be of help to anyone who asks for advise.

Riesling yellow Cat Bottle, 2012, Moselland, Mosel, Germany
For your cat lover friends this wine would mean a lot.
500 ml, $ 9.95

Avantgarde Pinot Grigio, 2012, Moselland, Mosel, Germany
Comes in an elegant triangular bottle. The wine is pleasant and aromatic.
$ 14.95

Sparkling wines

Brut, Veuve Cliquot, Champagne, France
Offered in an attractive yellow box. The wine is floral/fruity, light and elegant.
$ 67.85

Brut, Veuve Cliquot, Champagne, France
Presented in a yellow metal box. The wine is fruity, soft, with a long finish
$ 73.30

Dessert wine

Icewine and Brandy, Kittling Ridge Estate Winery, Ontario, Canada
This is the only Ontario icewine fortified with brandy. It comes in an attractive bow with four specially designed glasses.
You and your friends or family would enjoy it after a memorable meal.
$ 29.95

L B V (Late Bottled Vintage) Port, Taylor-Fladgate, Douro Valley, Portugal
Presented in an attractive box with two port wine glasses. The wine exudes ripe berry aromas, is sweet, but well balanced.
$ 24.95


Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21 Year Old Highland Single Malt
(Rum cask finished)

William Grant and Sons, Scotland, United Kingdom
If you lie mature Scotch whisky and appreciate smoothness this gift-packaged product is for you.
$ 241.95


Bittburger Premium Beer, Germany
If you happen to have friends who like fine lager beers, this six-pack will give you a lot of pleasure.
$ 12.45

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