Staging a Party – Easy if you use Ready-to-eat Foods.


These days most young adults seem to be in a perpetual party mood. Our culture has changed drastically – from work to relaxation; it seems to be relaxation first, then maybe work if necessary.

Regardless of the time of the year, young people stage parties with lots of alcoholic beverages (mostly sweet and fizzy) and some food. Most the food is processed, relatively expensive, often bland and devoid of both natural texture and nutrition.

Since most are unfamiliar with taste in general, and food in particular, this type of food serves their energy needs, but not their health.

Of course, processed food is never as nutritious as fresh, and certainly not as flavorful expertly prepared delicacies.

These days you can walk into a large grocery store and buy practically anything you need for dinner, even party, and dish it out on your china. In some cases the packaging looks good enough (at least to some) just to open it a place on the table.

But you can also buy prepared and frozen food that needs reconstitution. Here are some – breaded mozzarella sticks, mini-quiche, Swedish meatballs (comes with an appropriate sauce), vegetable spring rolls, bite-sized breaded chicken breast, cooked peeled and de-veined shrimp ring (comes with an appropriate sauce), bacon wrapped scallops, party spirals, breaded calamari rings, cheese balls, battered zucchini sticks, stuffed jalapeno peppers, mini pizzas, mini-spanakopitas and meat purses.

As for dessert, there is no shortage of small chocolate fudge brownies, Nanaimo bars, home-style carrot cake, raspberry macaroons bars, mini-cream puffs ad rum éclairs.

There is, however, a reality that must not be ignored. They are all greasy or very sweet. Young energetic, constantly in motion, people may be able to work off the inordinate amount of fat, but older more sedentary individuals cannot. Also, processed foods contain too much salt and should be avoided by individuals suffering from high blood pressure.

If you want to offer any of the above, choose one or two to augment a selection of fresh vegetables with low-fat dips, an assortment of cheeses and fruits.

Small servings of alcohol, particularly dry wine, help break down fat and digest greasy food, but too much paralyses the stomach.

A party once in a while is fun, brings people together, encourages friendships, and occasionally even fosters love affairs, but they must be well planned, orderly, and never provide opportunities for drunkenness or excess of any type.