A Superb Canadian, Irish, Bourbon and Scotch Tasting

A Superb Canadian, Irish, Bourbon and Scotch Tasting


Whisky is a rapidly growing spirit category at the L C B O .

A special department scours all producing all over the world, to source out-of-ordinary whiskies.

Recently, I had an opportunity to taste more than 30 specially selected whiskies.

Scotch whiskies were well represented, and most tasted very fine.

There are four well-defined Scotch producing regions – Islands (Islay and Skye), Speyside, Highlands (the largest of the four), and Lowlands.

Islands whiskies taste peaty and offer maritime-influenced flavours, Speyside smell fruity, and possess a delicate taste, whereas Highlands are known to smell floral and are smooth in the mouth. Lowlands whiskies boast freshens, and are light.

Distilleries produce and market whiskies, but “blenders” such as White and McKay buy whiskies and blend them to their imaginations and standards.

Here are my recommendations

Canadian whiskies

Gooderham and Worts
Floral, fruity, light, and mellow.
$ 44.95

Three Grain Harmony, Forty Creek Distillery
Fruity on teh nose, spicy in the mouth.
43 per cent ABV
$ 70.00

Hopped, JP Wiser
Smells of caramel, candied fruits, and unbalanced.
$ 28.95

1910 Canadian Rye Whisky
Coppery yellow in colour, elegant, and mellow
$ 46.95

Double Still Rye, JP Wiser
Brownish yellow in colour. Caramel flavours overwhelming in the mouth. Toasty finish
$ 31.95

Stalk and Barrel Pure Rye.
Light yellow in colour. In the mouth, light, but refined.
$ 69.95

Harvest Rye Crown Royal
Brownish colour. Rye aromas dominate. In the mouth this whisky offers spicy flavours and a pleasant texture.
The aftertaste is long and pleasant
$ 64.95

Crown Royal XO
Light brown in colour. Mellow, appealing and pleasant mouth feel
$ 64.95

Red letter Canadian Whisky JP Wiser
Brilliant and light brown in colour. Floral nose. Caramel flavours dominate in the mouth with spicy undertones, Creamy finish
$ 99.95

Bourbon whiskies

Orphan Barrel Bartherhouse
Distinct corn and caramel nose with a smooth mouth feel, but burning finish.
$ 94.95
Reserve Master Collection, Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir Barrel Finish, Woodford
An overall “sweet” whiskey with overhwlming caramel flavours. The alcohol level is 45.2 per cent ABV which makes this Bourbon unusual.
$ 129.95

Irish whiskies

Caskmates, Jameson
Smooth, light, elegant,.
$ 39.95

Green Spot
Bright yellow in colour, Fruity, mellow and elegant
$ 85.95

Scotch whiskies

King Street Glasgow Scotch, Compass Box
Brilliant pale yellow. Peaty aromas waft out of the glass. Grain flavours in the mouth and spicy
$ 57.95

Rare Cask Reserve
Bright yellow in colour, Aromas of heather, and peat. Viscous mouth feel.
$ 189.95

Royal Salute 21 Year-Old-Scotch, Chivas Regal
Brownish yellow in colour. Faint peat aromas. Mellow, but lacks distinct Scotch whisky flavours.
$ 185.95

1963 Original Glenfiddich
The blend was created in 1963 hence the name of the brand.
Faint peat aromas. Elegant and refined mouth flee. Mellow with a mellow finish.
$ 119.95

Founder’s Reserve, Glenlivet
Brilliant yellow. Very smooth and appealing mouth feel.
$ 52.95

Nadurra oloroso, Glenlivet
Brownish yellow colour. Distinct caramel flavour. Burning finish.
60.7 per cent ABV
$ 84.95

18 Year-Old Malt Scotch, Aberlour
Brownish yellow colour. Smells of heather and dried fruits. Mellow and `sweetish flavour.
Aged in second use sherry barrels.
$ 99.95

10 year-Old Tamdhu
Smells and tastes of caramel. It has a sweetish finish which may be the result of second use oloroso-sherry cask aging.

Single Barrel 10 Year-Old Balvenie
Yellow colour,. Grainy flavour, mellow, elegant and refined, with a long finish. A connoisseur’s whisky.
$ 69.95

12 Year-Old Dalmore
Brownish yellow. Malt aromas greet the nose. Mellow
$ 119.95
15 Year-Old Dalmore
A refined whisky smelling of sherry due to second-use oloroso barrel aging. Malty flavour. Spicy. Long finish

Cigar Malt Reserve Dalmore
Aged in second-fill Bourbon whisky and oloroso sherry casks, and finished in barrels for aging cabernet sauvignon. Brilliant brown colour. Sweetish flavour from oloroso casks, Sophisticated mouth feel and layered flavours. Long finish

King Alexander III Single Malt Dalmore
The most expensive of the four Dalmore whiskies with a brilliant yellow colour. Smells and tastes of overwhelming caramel.
$ 299.95

18 Year-Old Tawny Port Finish Glen Dronach
Malty aromas dominate the nose. Mellow mouth feel and distinct malt flavour. Long and clean finish
$ 177.95

Dark Origins Highland Park
An elegant whisky with a viscous mouth fill
46.8 per cent ABV
$ 99.95

Brookly Jura
Woody aromas. The whisky has some depth and pleasant finish.
$ 79.95

Black Art Four Unpeated Bruichladdich
An elegant and refined whisky with depth and great appeal.
$ 349.95

Cairdeas Laphroaig
Peaty, smoky, toasty. An elegant and refined whisky that offers purity and authentic Scotch flavours.
51.4 per cent ABV
$ 99.95

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