Sydney’s Friendliest Bars.

Sydney’s Friendliest BarsSydney is well known all over the world for so many things. There’s the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, our beautiful beaches and our buzzing metropolitan culture. Both in Australia and abroad, however, it has been noted that it can be a little difficult in Sydney to find a good old-fashioned friendly bar. Sure, Sydney locals are friendly enough, but when it comes to the kind of bar where you can relax, chat to the bartender and swap a few racing tips with some newfound friends, let’s just say they’re a little thin on the ground. Thin on the ground they may be, but not impossible to find with a little help, which is why we’ve put together a list of Sydney’s friendliest bars. You’re welcome!

Durty Nelly’s

9-11 Glenmore Road,


As Irish as they come, this small, dusty bar might not look like much when you first walk in, but everything about it is designed to make you feel right at home. Well, it would make you feel right at home if you were Irish, what with the selection of ‘real’ Irish potato crisps and curry sauce on chips. You don’t have to be Irish to reap the rewards of all the good will in Durty Nelly’s, however, as everyone is out for a chat and happy to shoot the breeze with whoever might walk past their table. For a place with such dark, dingy interiors, it’s got a heart as bright and shiny as a brand new apple.

The AB Pub

225 Glebe Point Road,


The AB pub in Glebe is the kind of local hangout you’d expect to see in a movie and then scoff because you didn’t really think places like that existed. Glebe is certainly strong on community spirit, boasting a wealth of community events all through the year, and the meeting point for all members of that community appears to be at the AB pub. Locals from all walks of life mingle, drink, eat and chat together here, and it doesn’t take long before you start recognizing friendly faces around you.

Dr. Pong’s

1A Burton St,


Now here is a bar you are going to love. Dr. Pong’s, modeled after the original bar in Germany of the same name, has a mantra of ‘beer and ping pong and friends’. It’s a simple mantra, and one that brings in the crowds relentlessly. A large ping-pong table stands in the middle of the bar and is available for anyone to use. The crowd congregates around the table to watch and cheer on, or groups themselves haphazardly on the assorted lounge furniture scattered about. The vibe is unpretentious, despite its location in one of the trendiest areas in Sydney, and being surrounded by some of the classiest Sydney bars around. Oh, did we mention they serve beer in giant keg-party cups? It’s a unique experience, and one that is sure to get you chatting to some new friends. After all, what else can you do after you’ve accidentally dropped a ping-pong ball into one of their drinks?

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