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The management of Tandem (formerly RKW) staged a portfolio tasting when it decided to change its name.

The agency is medium-sized, but is growing by leaps and bounds with prestigious brands.

The tasting took place in a hotel on Lake Ontario in a room with a beautiful view over the lake.

I tasted all and found the following to be very nice representing good value.

White wines

Reserve Chenin Blanc, 2011, Morgenzone, South Africa
Light, fragrant, flavourful

Chardonnay, 2011, Saintsbury, California
High 0ctabe, aromatic, layered

Sauvignon Blanc, 2012, Stonecrop, New Zealand
Fruity/floral, medium-bodied, well balanced

Red wines

CXV, 2010, Bodega La Rosa, Rioja, Spain
A fine tempranillo based, full bodied wine, recommended with roast leg of lamb, or grilled lamb chops

Vertice, 2010, Ventisquero, Chile
Outstanding depth, flavourful, full bodied with a long finish

Solo, 2009, Araule, Utiel-Requena, Spain
Dark red, brilliant colour, well extracted, fruity, full bodied and flavourful

Chateau de Lancyre Vieille Vignes, 2011, Pic St Loup, France
From southern France, this full bodied, fruity with will surprise you with its intensity and elegance

Dolcetto d’Alba, 2011, Bava, Piedmont, Italy
A fine everyday wine to enjoy with all types of food

Barbera D’Asti Superiore Le Orme, 2011, Michele Chiarlo, Piedmont, Italy
A fine barbera from Piedmont to enjoy with beef, veal specialties, or fine cold cuts

Chianti Classico, 2011, Carpineto, Tuscany, Italy
Cherry aromas waft out of the glass, medium-bodied, fruity and well balanced

Valpolicella Ripasso, 2011, Tomassi, Veneto, Italy
Finished on the lees of Amarone this deeply flavoured, and intense wine deserves to be served with game specialties, papardelle, or beef stews.

Fioratto Recioto della Valpolicella, Tomassi, 2008, Veneto, Italy
Most wine enthusiasts are familiar with amarone, but few with recioto that is made using the “ears” of bunches of grapes. Sweet well balanced and intense. As outstanding wine that deserves to be enjoyed on its own,

Shiraz, 2009, The Spice Route, South Africa
Spicy, full bodied, fruity and well extracted

Syrah, 2011, Novey Farms, Santa Lucia Highlands, California
Ruby red, intense, fruity, full bodied, fully balanced with a long aftertaste,

Pinot Noir, 2009, Saintsbury, California
Saintsbury’s pinot noir from fruit grown on southern Napa Valley displays bright fruit aromas. It is elegant and refined with an excellent mouth fell.

Fruit brandies (all from G.E. Massenez, Alsace, France)

Framboise Sauvage (wild raspberry), 94/100
Kirsch Vieux (cherry) 93/100
Mirabelle Vieille Reserve Personelle 90/100
Poire (pear) 92/100

Liqueurs (All from Massenez)

Liqueur de Peche (peach) 94/100
Liqueur d’Apricot (apricot) 95/100
Lieeur de Citron Vert et Gingembre (green lemons and ginger) 92/100

Cremes (All Massenez)

Creme de Frase de Baie (wild strawberries) 90/100
Creme de Framboise 91/100
Creme de Griotte 91/100
Cassis de Dijon 94/100

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