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Tasting Jura Wines


Jura, located in eastern France between Alsace int eh north, and Burgundy int eh south, is now a small wie producing region with approximately 2000 hecxtazres spread over a strip of 80 kilomtres north to south of vineyards.

The region has four applellations (Chateau-Chalon, Cotes du Jura, Arbois, and L’Etoile).
Of the four, Chateau-Chalon is the most most famous, although Creamnt de Jura deserves mention, and a unqiue product called macvin, which consists of 2/3 unfermentd juice, and 1/3 distilater ought to be mroee popular than it is now.

Vin jaune must be barrel aged for six years and three months. Durign this aging tme, a protective cover forms on the wine to protect it from excessive oxidation.
Vin de paille is made from bunches exposed to ventilated air for several months. The yield per hectare is limited to 2000 litres, Both of these wiens are expensive.
The pormtion agency of Jura visits Toronto every year in orde to increase exports to Ontario.

The largest winery fioudned by Henri maire owns 300 hecxtres and is the largest privately owned establisment. Henri Maire was the biggest promoter of Arbois wiens.
Louis pasteru, to whom we owe a lot in vinous matters and medicine (he invented pasteruization), alexis Millardet, Charles Rouget, Alexis Arpin and Joseph Girard ar ether famous personalities of the reigon.

Last week 17 wienries poured their wines to the trade and wine wrters.

White wines

Arbois Savagnin, 2007, Domaine de la Pinte

Vin de Paille Cotes de Jura, 2009, Domaine Bethot-Bondet,

LaVigniere Arbois Vin de Paille, 2009, henri maire

Arbois Jaune Monfrot, 2003, Henri maire

Cremant du Jura, Domaine Jaques Tissot

macvin, Domaien R. Richard

Arbois produces two

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