Tasting the World’s Cuisine First Hand.


World’s Cuisine

Life is about food — and anyone who disputes this has obviously not had a meal that has left their tongue tingling, mind reeling and stomach in a state of pure gratification. Travel is an amazing adventure, and no part more so than the opportunity to taste rare and amazing cuisine from around the world. Every country, and in fact, every locality has its own way of preparing food, its own special flavours and reliance on particular herbs and spices. And if you haven’t tried them all, it’s time to travel and get started!

Head to your local travel agency and pick the most colourful brochure you can find, book a flight, get some cheap travel insurance and head off to country after country of food experiences that will leave you in awe.

1. Try a little coconut
Thailand is a country where the culture and the flavour will hit you in the face. It is not subtle — and that’s what’s great about it! With dishes focused on hand made noodles, rich coconut cream, mounds of chilli, and herbs such as coriander that waft for miles, you will be in foody heaven.

Like most countries, the food, the favours and the ingredients differ from locality to locality. Make this a reason to visit them all. Start at the top of Thailand, and visit places like Kanchinaburi, Chaing Mai and Bangkok where you can get an amazing array of different food, both in restaurants and street carts, and then head to the south for the real seaside locations, such as Koh Samui and Krabi Island. The food will be unforgettable and so will the people.

2. Can you put up with the heat?
India is another country full of flavour! But can you handle the heat of the chilli?  With arguably the best curry in the world, this country’s food is different from one end to the other. With some areas focusing on vegetarian options, this will open your mind up to a new world of cooking without meat. Head south and towards Kerala and you can experience world famous Kerala fish curry, with fresh coconut milk and spices that have been picked and prepared locally. While butter chicken might be a favourite at home, this country has so much more to offer! India is one adventure you simply can’t afford to miss if you live for food!

3. The true meaning of mama’s cooking
Pasta is just not pasta until you’ve had the real thing in Italy. Hand made with time, patience and love, and slathered in sauces that come from recipes that go back generations. Fresh, ripe roma tomatoes, garlic and home grown basil make Italy a gourmet delight! Backpack through the local areas and experience the vineyards, fruit picking and local, small town cuisine.

4. Seafood you’ll reel from
The Greek Islands are renowned for relaxation and serenity on one side, and parties on the other. They are also known for the amazing seafood they offer, the spices, the share plates and the big rich olives. You have experienced food until you’ve experienced a hint of Mediterranean magic.

Regardless of where you go – try everything! Make sure you get travel insurance before you go, because if you need any medical treatment, this will be your lifeline!

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World’s Cuisine

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