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How to Terminate an Employee.


Terminating an employee is very unpleasant task, and must be handled with due care and planning to avoid a court case or other unpleasant forms and costly legal proceedings.

The best way to avoid terminations is to hire carefully, and after considerable research, investigation, and consideration.

Once you hire a suitable employee, ensure proper orientation and training even if the new hire is experienced. All relevant and company policies must be explained and ideally provided in writing for future reference.

In some companies, management insists that new hire signs a document signalling her agreement, and understanding all policies, acceptance, and assurance that he/she will be adhering to them at all times.

After a few weeks, it will be clear whether or not the new hire is suitable. If not it is best to counsel him/her, offer additional training, if required, and document all activities and reasons why they were taken.

After a few more weeks, a one-on-one meeting with either the director of human resources, or in a small company, the owner and if necessary, then the new employee must be notified that failing to fulfill the requirements of the position, without any reference to personality, race, and religion.

These days many companies hire employees as part time, thereby saving associated costs with permanent employees, and as probationary for a specified time.

Once the decision is made to terminate an employee, the following will make it easier to accomplish the task:

• Schedule a private meeting either after scheduled work, or when few employees are around.
• Prepare all the forms and severance pay, if and when applicable
• State the reasons of termination in a clam, but firm manner
• Ask for the uniform (if applicable)
• Ensure that the employee understands everything you say, and have the individual sign a form to that effect
• Give the employee two hours to clear the workstation, (if applicable) under strict supervision
• Ensure that confidential material, (if applicable) is not compromised
• Place all documentation in a file and keep it for future reference

Terminating an employee by phone, publicly and in a rage, or by e-mail, are considered poor methods and may cerate unexpected compilations.

Handling any termination requires compassion and careful planning.

Always consider that a new employee represents a significant investment and should be handled accordingly in an attempt to obtain best results.

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