Thai Hom Mali Rice – Unique and Flavourful.

As the bread is to the French, pasta to Italians, roti to Indians, rice is to Thais. They cannot function without rice. In fact eating and rice are synonymous. They ask “Did you have rice? instead of “ Did you have lunch?”.

Rice figures in every course – appetizer, main, and dessert, and is used to produce translucent noodles.

China is world’s largest rice producer, but also the largest market for Thai rice.

Of the varieties of rice grown in the country, Thai hom mali  is the most famous, flavourful and texturally rich variety, praised in china, Japan, and even the USA, a  large producer itself.

Thailand is one of the top three rice exporters in the world with five to six million tons, of which 25 per cent is Thai hom mali rice.

Thai farmers have grown rice, world’s most economical grain, for centuries and acquired unequalled expertise in the science of rice cultivation.

Grown in north eastern and central Thailand, hom mali rice possesses a unique aroma, pleasant taste, and form texture, pending on cooking technique employed.

Regular rice has a growing cycle of 146 – 150 days, hom mali rice is an annual crop, and yields are only 495 kilograms per hectare, whereas the former 890 yields 890 kgs./per hectare  and per harvest.

Hom mali rice has three quality levels: Prime quality 90 percent pure hom mali rice; Superb quality minimum 80 per cent and premium minimum 70 per cent. All hom mali rice exports are routinely controlled by government inspectors.
Prime quality possesses most flavour, is aromatic and tender. It accompanies Thai curries enriched with coconut milk best.

If you want to apply the pilaff cooking technique, use butter, onions, chicken stock and seasonings.

For steaming, nothing more than steam is required, but you can also microwave hom mali rice. Use one-and-a-half a cups for half a cup of rice and microwave fro eight minutes in an appropriate, specially designed containers.

For fried rice, steam first, then refrigerate for one to two hours which renders the grains stronger and ready to withstand the intense heat in the pan. Thai coking is delicious, exotic, and eminently adaptable as the 270 restaurants across Canada testify. Of this  120 are located in Toronto and all have successfully modified their recipes to local ingredients if and when required.

Thai food is varied, flavourful, texturally rewarding and intriguing.

Thai hom mali rice makes it only better and more memorable.

Available in Thai grocery stores and Loblaw’s throughout Greater Toronto Area, in Montreal and Vancouver.

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