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The Edgy Veg

The popularity of vegetarian diet seems to be un-abating. The environmental and healthy benefits of a vegan diet have been well established, and millions thrive, eating strictly plant-based foods exclusively.

If more than 50 per cent of the world’s population would become vegan, food shortages, and distribution issues would disappear.

Cattle use a lot of land and produce sufficient amounts of methane to adversely affect the environment.

Candice Hutchings who has 250 000 followers to her YouTube feed has created a book that ought to be read and used by all vegans , and omnivores.

The narrative is fun to read. Artistic and masterful pictures make this fine book a valuable contribution to vegan the diet literature.

All recipes are well thought out and unique, and work if followed to the letter the first time around.

However, if you feel to add your own twist feel free to do it the second time around.

The book is organized in the following parts – The Essentials, Brunch, Soupernatural, Notboring salads, Munchies, The Main Squeeze On the Side, Thirsty Girl, and Sweet Endings.

The Edgy Veg contains valuable recipes to enjoy for everyone , not only vegans.

Highly recommended.

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