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The Imperial Wife

The author succeeded in writing a glitzy and glittering novel contrasting Catherine the Great, a long-time Russian Empress, and Tanya Kagan , a modern Russian immigrant living in New York and working for an auction house as a Russian art specialist.

This thoroughly researched book evolves with colourful descriptions of cultures, lively characters and modern Russian immigrant story.

The first juxtaposing chapters of Catherine the Great and Tanya Kagan’s work read somewhat confusing, but improve in subsequent chapters.

The narrative describes the 18th century imperial Russian court with all its intrigues, gossip and modern Russian life in Moscow where famous and rich people live in stupendous wealth, squandering fortunes on imported cloths, cars, expensive wine, and in luxury restaurants, while ordinary people struggle to make a living.

The Imperial Wife is an extraordinary novel for anyone interested in history, especially Russian history, learning about immigrant life in new York, how auction houses promote sales and backroom machinations of executives to entice staffing an attempt to generate more revenue.

The Imperial Wife also examines the age-old problem of fake art that surfaces on action blocks all the time.

A smart and engaging beautifully written novel that should be read by all history buffs and Russian history students as well as professors lecturing about Russia and its history.


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