The Nordic Ark.

The Nordic Ark is a zoo for endangered species on the Swedish West Coast. This is done through breeding and rearing, re-planting whenever possible, research and training together with information to create an understanding of the need for action.

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The Nordic Ark is run by The Nordic Ark Foundation, which is a public foundation. The Foundation is the owner of Åby säteri. Åby säteri covers 383 hectares witch about 50 hectares are open to visitors. The Nordic Ark is open every day, all year around, from 10.00 AM. The number of visitors is around 100,000 per year.

The animals in the park covers big cats, owls, white storks, otter, birds, wolfs, goose, falcon and so on. Take a look at the homepage for more information on the animals. .

In 2008 they opened a new wetland area and dedicate the year to the year of the frog.
June 13 (Friday) inaugurates HRH Crown Princess Victoria, The Nordic Arks highest protector, the new wetland area.

The walk through the park takes a couple of hours and you are feeling that you are in the woods all by yourself. There is no flashing lights or signs and it is well integrated into the nature. When you are about halfway, there is a house build in wood where you can get refreshments and have a look at the wolfs. All together it is a nice walk through which will give you a pleasant and tranquillize time.

We do like to go here from time to time to just relax and look at the animals and being close to the nature.

The Nordic Ark

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The Nordic Ark

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