The Ups and Downs of Gin.


Gin, popularized by the English, but invented by the Dutch, has been around for a few centuries.

It has been popular; fell out of favour, then came back again. To be sure, gin is versatile, and many cocktails have been invented to make it more popular with cocktail loving consumers. Cocktails were invented in the U.S.A have been growing in popularity in that country, and also in the United Kingdom.

Continental Europeans have never really opened up to cocktails, although you will never be disappointed if you ordered any of the popular cocktails in a hotel bar catering to an international clientele.

A few distillers changed the botanicals used in re-distilling; others have come up with more delicate flavours just to recapture market share lost to vodka.

Innovative bartenders constantly invent new gin-based cocktails, but the old-time favourites like martini, gin fizz, gin gimlet and pink lady remain popular amongst cocktail aficionados. Younger crowds go with newly invented cocktails, but unfortunately these tend to fade away after a while. New concoctions must be invented to keep the interest and consumption going.

According to the L.C.B.O 2007, statistics, the most popular gin brands in Ontario are:

Bombay Sapphire
Gilbey’s London Dry
Plymouth Dry
Gilbey’s Lemon
Tanqueray No.10
Beefeater’s Lime Dry
New Amsterdam Straight
De Kuyper Genuine Gin
Broker’s Premium London Dry
Beefeater’s Orange Dry
Quintessential London Dry
Bulldog London Dry

Tanqueray No.10 is the most popular in restaurants and hotel bars, followed by Bulldog’s London Dry and Plymouth Dry.

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