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Thug Kitchen 101

The authors explain in the first 20 pages why you should avoid mass-produces convenience food, and fast food restaurant food. They state convenience food and fast food restaurant so called specialties contain too much sodium, are “greasy”, and may or may not contain preservatives.

Mass-produced food is always inferior to fresh, lovingly and knowledgeably prepared small portions. This book contains mainly vegetarian dishes suitable for young adults interested in tasty, and easy-to-prepared fare.

It is divided into salsas, side dishes, and small bites, salads and slaws; soups and stews; noodles; grains; and main courses; smoothies; drinks, and cocktails; cookies; cakes, and other sweets.

The alcohol content of all cocktails is generous, and should be modified to suit individual needs. Some readers may laugh out loud; others could be mildly offended by the narrative. Nevertheless, individuals with rudimentary knowledge, cooking utensils and adventurous plates can prepare all recipes.

Recipes are California-centric, in that some of the ingredients may not be readily available in remote rural areas, but these days mail-order technology solves any supply problem. Nooch, tamari sauce, tofu, panko, tempeh, and tahini can be ordered online. With the exception of tofu all can be easily shipped.

The photography is original, thought provoking and promotes subtropical environments.

If you have an adventurous palate, are interested in experiences flavourful dishes, want to, can spend less than lavishly on food, and possess some rudimentary cooking skills, buy this book.

You will be pleasantly surprised how great most of the recipes taste.

Highly recommended.

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