Tips for Taking Great Pictures in Fiji.

FijiEven if you are someone who doesn’t normally take photos when you are away on holidays, you are going to want to take pictures when you are in Fiji. Here the people are welcoming, it’s incredibly beautiful, and the reefs and marine life will blow your mind. So make sure you pack a camera, or you will definitely regret it. It’s also the only way people back home will believe your stories about how beautiful it really is. The following are some tips for taking some great photos when you are on your next Fiji holiday.


You won’t find a better place in the world for stunning sunrises and sunsets than here in Fiji, so if you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer, here is your chance to take some truly awesome photos. For photographing sunrises, the big tip is to be up before it starts, as often the pre-sunrise colours are the most impressive, and as for sunsets, this is your chance to play around with the settings on your camera, and get a bit creative. It’s impossible to mess up a photo of the sun setting here, so relax and have some fun with it.

Marine Life

Make sure any camera you are bringing to Fiji is waterproof, as the marine life here is absolutely incredible, and you’ll want to dive right in and shoot! Between the luminous corals and the striking Clown fish, the Somosomo Straight offers up some guaranteed to please marine wonders, so make sure you get in the water with your camera. The marine life here offers some of the best photo opportunities imaginable, in this stunningly beautiful little country.


A huge highlight of Fiji is the people, who are consistently regarded as being the world’s friendliest. Their smiles are huge and their laughter is infectious, so be sure to take lots of photos of the people here, as they are as friendly as they are beautiful.

Luxury Resorts

Fiji is home to some of the world’s finest beachside resorts, often managing to create a spectacular fusion of modern architecture and natural beauty. If you are in Fiji and have time, it’s well worth taking your camera and cruising by some of the fantastic resorts here, as they truly are works of art. They are also frequented by some of the world’s most rich and famous people, so you might even get a photo of a celebrity.


If you love taking panorama photo sequences, there are lots of spectacular spots to shoot from in Fiji, with none better than Naviti Island. This hilly little island of grassy ridges is located 10km from Waya Island, and offers some dreamlike scenery stretching in every direction, perfect for the panorama-loving photographer.

If you like taking photos, you can’t go wrong in Fiji, as it’s pretty much all beautiful and exotic. A lot of people find that they are more motivated to take photos when they are in beautiful places, so if you have been thinking of buying a new camera sometime soon, make sure you buy it before your next trip to Fiji!

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