Tips for Grilling Success.

GrillingTips for Grilling Success

Grilling successfully requires following well-established rules.

Now that the weather is warm enough for garden parties and grilling of BBQ, the following tips should come in handy.

You can use your BBQ as an oven to roast if you turn off the middle burner. Please the meat at the turned-off burner.

If you want to brush on sugar-laden sauces, brush it on 10 minutes or less before finishing cooking, and turn the heat down to medium.

Grill chicken on medium heat to avoid carbonizing the skin.

Planks on the BBQ give a smokey flavour, and you can use it for skin-on salmon for a pleasant flavour.

If you want to re-use the marinade of meat or fish, boil it to kill all bacteria.

Skewering meat requires application of a few principles. Soak wooden skewers for an hour before use. Leave space between skewered pieces. Use small uniform-sized pieces of meat.

If using vegetables and meat, sauté pieces of meat for a few minutes before skewering to ensure uniform cooking fro both meat and vegetables.

If using metal skewers fro meat, use wide and flat skewers, especially if you are cooking ground meat.

Trim excess fat from meat to avoid flare-ups, marinate the meat before grilling.

Now that you know a lot about grilling, read on about grills.

As you can expect, there are many designs from $ 14.00 to well over $ 1,000.00

A simple bucket grill will set you back for $ 14.00. Do not expect this grill to last long if you plan to use it fro a long time.

The Kettle Grill has three solid legs, a cover with a handle. It is sturdy and can be used for a few seasons if you are careful.

The Frycat Cone charcoal grill by Bodum looks like a China-cap used to strain sauces. It will yield satisfactory results.

The one-Touch by Weber is a classic that comes with two wheels and three legs for easy transportation. It is sturdy enough and well designed to last for many seasons.

The Char-Broil Electric Bistro uses infrared technology. It is convenient and easy to maintain.

The Weber Performance Charcoal Grill offers convenience, more space for preparation, and is easy to wheel from one corner to another.

Big Green Egg is a so-called “outdoor cooker”. You can grill, smoke, or even bake (pizza or bread) in this ceramic BBQ. It has four wheels and two attached work surfaces fro carving and transferring cooked food to plates or containers.

The Rolls Royce of grill is Lynx ( It is versatile, well-designed, practical, sturdy, manufactured adhering to all engineering principles and details and can be used for decades. It has more features than any other grill, and if installed in a sheltered space can be used throughout the year.

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