Tips For Submitting Your Travel Insurance Claim.

Travel Insurance

The hardest part of some rough journey is claiming the travel insurance. When you are filling your claim, it is necessary to follow and get ready to pass through the claiming process. Here listing some of best tips that will help to claim your insurance in a fast way.

1. Be prepared

There are certain policies that covers natural disasters or terrorist attacks, which others do not cover. It is necessary to read the complete policy documents from front to back that it covers all possible circumstances. With having a thorough knowledge about your policy and its coverage you can contact them in case of emergencies. If you are not satisfied with your policy coverage and benefits, make sure to change it to another policy that is flexible to you.

2. Follow the rules

Make sure you carry a copy of travel insurance policy and follow its mentioned rules in conditions of emergency. Insurance companies expect their clients to follow their policy as exactly they have mentioned, which they will reject the claim if they fail to do so. If you are not able to use or slightly doubtful about your policy coverage, you can immediately contact the insurance company for better clarifications. Moreover, it is better to get the name and contact number of the employee who helped you, which you can contact their higher officials or manager for more clear information.

If you are canceling your trip due to illness or sickness, it is necessary to get documentation from doctor that you could not start your trip. It is a step proving to the insurance company that you have to withdraw as you are ill to travel.

3. File your claim straight away

Just like other insurance policies, travel insurance policy have time limit to file a claim. Therefore, it is best to file as early as possible that is from your laptop or a registered mail. You can call your insurance agent if you have any difficulties or doubts in filling your claim. Also, make sure to fill the form completely with attaching/sending the necessary documents they need for the process. It is necessary to keep up all your copies of claims, related documents and other receipts. With sending your claim by registered post or email further, you can ask for verification. If your email is not confirmed or verified it is necessary to call and follow-up. If you have sent via registered mail, you can wait for a week.

4. Follow up

It is best to have a track on insurance rules when claiming within the time limits. Follow the insurance agent or company with collecting details about the person handling your case and their contact number. Make sure they have received your claim and started taking necessary ways to pass out the claim process. With being more alert and regularly asking for updates, they would so end the process in a timely manner.

5. Preserve your documents

It is important to keep all necessary hospital bills, police report, and relevant receipt for quick claims. You can send an original copy to the insurance company with holding another set with you. Documentation serves as evidence that will help to prove the scenario of the situation. It is necessary to ask for documentation, if not provided. For example, if there is a flight cancellation due to terrorism, you can ask the airline officials to put in writings for your travel insurance agency.


Most of the insurance companies have 24/7 service that will help you to aid in every step of claiming process. It is important to act fast to claim your policy in a short time. Make sure to keep in track with the insurance agent or operator, their name and contact number. They will help you in a great way by giving quick solutions.

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