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Top 150 unusual things to see in Ontario

Ron Brown loves to discover less publicized but well-worth sites in an effort to meet his objective, he laterally travelled to every corner of Ontario, took pictures of sites he saw, and recorded all the details he could ascertain.

Millions visit Ontario every year, yet, for the overwhelming majority, the cities visited are – Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, and maybe a few Muskoka towns.

There are so many more interesting and intriguing sites to visit, albeit some of them are located off the beaten path, and may require a short or long detour. Each time, the visitor will be rewarded with an unusual, and unexpected site.

Few tourists visit Ontario’s ghost towns, old wind- or water powered mills that helped millions of settlers to survive.

Old historical bridges, and at least one covered bridge are mentioned, and described. A description of each site along with a picture helps the reader to get a good idea about the site.

How many people are aware or have visited Ontario’s Taja Mahal, for that matter Kingston’s Penitentiary Museum, Ontario’s Goat Pastures, The Teaching Rocks, Greenoch Swamp (home of the moonshine in

teh beginning of the 20th century), Lake Erie’s Cold War Submarine at Port Burwell, Point Pelee (the most southerly point of Canada), the town of Petrolia, and Toronto’s Shri Swaninarayan Mandir built by Indian craftsmen with no mortar, and not one single nail.

Reaching any of the destinations above and most described in this book requires a short or long journey, but the journey is just as important as the arriving at the destination to admire something beautiful and historical.

Every tourist should make an effort to visit at least a few of the destinations mentioned above, better yet, to obtain this valuable book to enrich the trip. All Ontarians can plan daily or weekend outings to see the sites nearby.

This book ought to be in the library of each household, and studied to learn more about Ontario and appreciate its history, and beautiful nature.

Highly recommended.

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