Top 4 Hunter Valley Wines.

Hunter Valley winesSydney has many different regions, and one of the most interesting is the Hunter Valley to the north of the city. Hunter Valley wine tours are very popular with tourists and locals. The Hunter Valley is also a comfortable drive from city serviced apartments. Sydney is a beautiful city and the Hunter Valley is one of the most attractive regions for wine lovers.
The Hunter Valley has several wineries that are famous for various wines such as;
•    Semillon
•    Chardonnay
•    Shiraz
•    Verdelho

1.    Semillon

The Hunter Valley is famous for Semillon wine. Semillon is a light grape which is used to produce white wine. It is grown in Australia and France. The Hunter Valley is the most famous Semillon region in Australia. The area is so famous for Semillon that the wine was once referred to as Hunter Valley Riesling.
The wine is versatile and can be drunk young or after aging a few years. When young it has a fruity taste. As it matures it develops a richer feel on the palate.

2.    Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a green skinned grape used to produce white wine. It is commonly used in Champagne. Chardonnay is the world’s most common grape and it is widely cultivated in the Hunter Valley. However, Chardonnay was produced in the Hunter at a later stage than other wines of the region. It was not popularly produced until the late 1960s or early 1970s.  Hunter Valley Chardonnay is very highly regarded. In 2011 a Hunter Valley winery won a trophy for best Australian Chardonnay.

3.    Shiraz

Shiraz is a red grape that is used to produce red wine. It is very popular in Australia and represents the majority of red wine produced in the country. The Hunter Valley region has many wineries which produce Shiraz. The wine was once considered for use solely as a fortified wine. However it is now widely presented on dinner tables across the country. Many Hunter Valley Wine tours will include a winery which produces Shiraz on their itinerary.

4.    Verdelho

Verdelho is white grape which produces white wine. It is known to grow well in a warmer climate which makes it ideal for the Hunter area. Australian Verdelho is very fruity in taste and is becoming more popular as an accompaniment to a good meal.
There are many Hunter Valley wineries which produce high quality wines. One was voted 2011 international wine maker of the year. This is a small indication of the high quality of wines produced in the region. Many of the top wineries are included on various wine tours and a trip to the Hunter Valley is a tour of some of the top wine producing areas in the world.

The Hunter Valley is a good weekend trip from Sydney. The various wine tours are an essential excursion for the keen wine lover. Tourists have many options for accommodation during their tour including hotels and serviced apartments. Sydney has many of these. They can provide details of wine tours which will suit the budget and the palate.

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