Top 7 most amazing travel destinations for couples.


There are certain travel destinations which are perfect for couples as they are infused with element of romance. Couples often flock at such places over their anniversaries or honeymoon trips or simply find them an ideal place to propose for marriage. Over the time, these travel destinations have become very much popular among couples. When the couple sense the romance element at this places some destinations even give them wonderful traits, which help them to enjoy a perfect holiday by being together. Such locations that are blend of romance and excitement simply help the couple to enjoy quality time together that has lasting memories in the coming times. Let’s check such top seven amazing travel destinations ideal for couples.

1). Aspen, Colorado, USA

Though Aspen is considered as an ideal place for skiers, yet it proves out to be a popular and most amazing place for couples. The couples hitting this place really enjoy mind boggling sceneries of Aspen along with experiencing unique charm and glamour of Colorado resort town. Whether you want to simply hit the slopes or enjoy the landscapes surrounding the mountains the time, you would find this place simply exotic. Aspen is famous for catching up the nightlife scenes along with enjoying cool dinner at best eateries especially during the wintertime. Thus the combination of hiking, mountain lakes, natural beauty and many more things makes Aspen a couple’s dreamland.

2). Santorini, Greece

The Greek islands are among the best destinations for couples. However, when it comes to visiting these islands you should prefer checking in at Santorini; here the eateries and hotels are simply perched over the cliffs high over the Aegean Sea. Hence it gives enough opportunities to couples to enjoy amazing views. Apart from the romantic places, Santorini has number of other places to visit like the black sand beaches, which gives enough reasons to play over the seaside. The ancient villages over the island too are simply incredible to explore for couple who are keen to see the old world. The other best place for couples is the spas at Santorini, where you could enjoy thermal baths coming straight from the natural hot springs.

3). Paris, France

Paris is a city where romance dwells, so couples have all reasons to be here. Apart from being a romantic place, it has many world famous spots, which make Paris a beautiful holiday location. Also, you could find some less visited neighborhoods found in Paris, which are perfect spots to explore by couples and spend good time there. You could find a couple of streets as this place filled with cobblestones; hence you simply need walk over it and enjoy good time strolling with hand and in hand. Several small cafes and shops over these cobblestone covered streets give enough reason to have a romantic dinner and experience the real gist of Paris.

4). Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Mayan Riviera is a place where you could find endless beaches which is found over Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. You could find some incredible upscale resorts scattered with most of them having the Spanish colonial vibe in them. These are among the most luxurious places where couple could simply live a royal life. Thus, it is a perfect place for couples who want some seclusion and spend quality time together. Besides, the Mayan ruins located at Yucatan could simply add an incredible element to any itinerary.

5). Prague, Czech Republic

It is located at the heart of Europe and is called as mother of cities. Prague is among the most gorgeous cities in the world where you could find colorful blend of modern and classic architectures that are found all across this city. You can enjoy some of the best sunsets while climbing the Petrinska Rozhledna, which is actually a 60 meter high observation tower. Also, visiting the Prague Castle, which is among the largest ancient castles in the world, is said to be a good ideal place to visit for the couples.

6). Bahamas

If you want to be at a heaven meant exclusively for couples, visit Bahamas. It is an incredible ten thousand square mile archipelago, which is basically a home for more than 700 different islands. You could enjoy visiting huge rocks, uninhabited cays and snorkel in beach water which is among the most cleaned water in the world. For enjoying nightlife, Bahamas is world famous, especially the 601 Nightclub. Based at Nassau where you could find the incredible aura of mature decadence. Indeed a sophisticated location for couples to enjoy good time together.

7). Bali, Indonesia

This place is a popular destination for couples and other people since it has the exotic elements in it. You could find wonderful beaches at Bali, where you could spend good time with each other. The city’s neighborhoods are excellent options for the couples to visit where they can find enough places to dwell in solitude. The Ubud town near Bali is based at the central island amidst tropical and lush setting. This is an art filled area, which renders you the real and non touristy aspects of Bali. You could find a number of resorts at the southernmost tip of the island, which are ideal places for couples to enjoy seclusion and have a glimpse of the natural beauty from the windows.

Final word

The world is full with incredible destinations where you find enough of opportunities to enjoy good time with your spouse. Couples looking out for incredible travel destinations in the world, the above list of 7 places could be more than enough to consider where they can certainly have quality time together.

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