Top US cities to enjoy vacation

Las vegas

U.S is actually a country full of appealing and wealth destinations, where one can have great moments for a holiday vacation. There’re so many diverse and colorful cities and attractions to keep you smiling in every beat of your heart. If you’ve been looking for best places to vacation with your family, U.S cities have everything for you. In these cities, you should not worry about hotels and accommodations since top class hotels and resorts are abundant. At times, it’s hectic to narrow down the best out of tens of U.S cities. However, we shall look at top five best and popular cities to visit in the United States of America.

New York City

– This is the most populous city in America, which is also referred to as “Big Apple”. Your holiday vacation cannot be complete without visiting the New York City. It’s known as the capital of culture and fashion, home of annual events and Broadway shows.

– Major draws in this city are the American icons, American Museum, and the Museum of Sea and Air Space, which make the city a best holiday destination.

– Some of American icons include; Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. The museums and icons are the favorite and must-see attractions for both local and international travelers.

Los Angeles

– Los Angeles appears in this list due to wonderful experience of breezes from Pacific Ocean, the famous international celebs, and the Hollywood lure. This is one of the best tourist’s destinations in U.S, where travelers enjoy Beverly Hill tour, Rodeo Drive shopping, and Santa Monica or the Malibu beaches.

– Travelers are able to meet the famous celebrities of Hollywood among others, while in the beaches. Santa Monica and Malibu beaches are the most famous beaches of Los Angeles, where tourists enjoy sunbathing and the natural beach sands.


– Chicago, which is nearly the second to New York City, has wonderful destinations for tourists. Actually, it’s the third highly populated city in U.S after New York City and Los Angeles.

– During holiday vacations, tourists have varieties of destinations such as visiting the museums and top class restaurants. It has also skyline activities and shopping destinations, almost beating Los Angeles and New York City.

– During summertime, there is quite high in-flow of tourists due to appealing sunshine. Therefore, when planning for a summer holiday, Chicago is the best to visit!

Washington, DC

– This is the capital city of United States of America, with miles of monuments and free-entry museums. Being a capital city, it has everything you require during a holiday vacation. World class hotels, resorts, and pool bars are always readily available for travelers.

– It’s one of the most travelled cities in U.S due to free of charge entries into museums, as well as, varieties of things to see in the museums.


Las Vegas

– Alongside casinos, there’re also world class restaurants, luxurious hotels, world class shopping, and blockbuster shows. Travelers who are less interested in casinos visit the dining hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls.

– However, these attractions make the city a top travel destination in U.S. It’s mostly known as the true-desert oasis!

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