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Top Ten budget red wines on Winesworld 2014

Budget red wine
Budget red wine


Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Reserve 2011
This wine is powerful, dark and quite soft with flavors of sweet red berries. It goes well with red meat.
Dice: 3+ 4+

Les Halos de Jupiter Côtes du Rhône 2011
This wine is rich and full bodied throughout. It has a very strong taste of dark red berries and spice with a long and a little alcohol embossed finish. High alcohol content draws on many wines slightly down, but this wine carries it well because of its power and fullness.
Dice: 4 4+

Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2011
This is a good wine with powerful flavor of fresh red berries, spice and sweetness. It has medium body and it is a wine we really like with or without food.
This is a wine that turns out to be good year after year.
Dice: 4+ 4+

Vigna Pedale Riserva 2006
This wine was surprisingly good. It has a light taste of red berries with a good roundness in taste and an ending that just makes you wish that the bottle is never ending. This wine is super without any food, but also enjoyed with simple dishes of chicken or veal.
Dice: 4+ 4+

Casa Ferreirinha Vinha Grande 2011
The wine tastes of juicy and concentrated red berries. It is full bodied and it has strength throughout with soft tannins and long aftertaste. we do like these Douro wines very well.
Dice: 4+ 4+

Quinta do Vallado 2010
This wine has a taste of very dark berries with a dry and fine aftertaste. Lacking a little in body, but is good to drink.
Dice: 4+ 4

Bodegas Berberana Gran Reserva 2007
Dice: 4+

Navaherreros Garnacha 2010
Bodegas Bernabeleva
This wine has a lovely fresh, fruity and acid flavor. We enjoyed it very much both of us. This can be enjoyed with or without food.
Dice: 4+ 4

Golden Triangle Shiraz 2010
This is a very good Shiraz with smooth body throughout and fresh and good fruit flavor. The wine tastes of dark chocolate and sweet plum. It has good length and a pleasure to drink with red meat or enjoyed alone.
Dice: 4+ 4+

Provenance Rooi 2011
Saronsberg Private Cellar
This wine keeps its promises. It has full-body all the way and gives a rustic, fresh taste with a nice rich finish. It fits perfectly for barbecue.
Dice: 4+ 4+