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Top Ten Red Wines on Winesworld 2016

Top Ten Red Wines
Top Ten Red Wines
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Dice 6

Château Angludet 2005

This is a pure pleasure. The wine has the optimum balance of fruit, structure and freshness. It is smooth all the way with a super great fresh taste of oak finish. I will mention blackcurrant, barrels and vanilla as prominent.



Pommard 1er Cru Les Fremiers 2008


I am in love. This wine is amazing! It is extremely round and good all the way with an ending that newer ends where you just want to take the glass to the mouth again. The wine does not feel heavy even though it has a lot of flavor in it. The wine still has a lot of freshness and meaty in flavor. The finish is slightly acid and never ending feelings. Recommended!


Barbaresco Bric Balin 2005


This is a top wine with flavors of sweet cherry in good harmony. The wine has a great composition and body and the oak is perfect integrated. The ending is just beautiful and good and long. This is a great pleasure recommended to those of you who have the opportunity to taste this wine.


Barolo Bricco delle Viole 1999


This is no powerful Barolo, but a great, elegant and velvety wine. The wine has a smooth fullness all the way and finish is superb, fresh and long. Although wine is not among the most powerful Barolos it has the right length for a Barolo and is super gorgeous with good freshness.


Barolo San Giovanni 2001


The wine has a wonderful fresh fruit flavor even after some storage. It is probably due to the storage in partially new oak barrels. It is full without being heavy with a great full and fruity flavor all the way and a long and good ending. Gianfranco Alessandria is a small family owned vinery. Today the cellar owns 5,5 hectares of vineyards and rents 1,5 hectares, divided between Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, in the località San Giovanni, which is situated in the area of some of Monforte’s best known Crus.


Dice 5

Brunello di Montalcino 2004


This wine is delicate in taste and flavors of raspberry and spice. It has a great round flavor all the way even after some storage and concludes with a long and pleasant taste of some spices. The finish is fresh even after storage and we like it very much. The wine has medium strength, but is very comfortable and round in flavor. Great vintage; Recommended!


Elixir Haut-Médoc 2009

Excellent for barbecue season, dark and deep but ripe and round. Fits well with both beef and spicy bird, but is still round enough to indulge in after the food is consumed. Leather and berries!


Barolo Buon Padre 2011

This wine has smooth richness and good taste throughout. It feels a bit easy to be a Barolo, but have body and taste like a Barolo. The ending is good, but something short.


Due Brenton 2012


Here we have a beautiful, dark and good wine. The wine tastes of ripe red berries and it is a good vintage with smooth and full body throughout. The ending is incredibly good, long and smooth that makes you want a sip more just after you puts the glass down. The wine is decanted and filtered as recommended. Recommended!



Charme 2014


This wine is incredibly elegant with light, fresh and fruity taste of raspberries. The finish is long and wonderful. The style of this wine reminiscent me of a pinot noir from Burgundy. This wine is Niepoort`s old-vines (70+ years) field blend. Recommended!