Torres – A Multinational Winery with Roots in Penedes, Spain.


Known throughout Spain for its fine wines and spirits, Torres is now a global organization.

The offspring’s of the Torres family continue to follow the tradition established by Miguel Torres Cobo and his wife Margarita.

Miguel Torres Jr. runs the company, his sister Marimar has a winery in California, and brother Juan Maria manages the head office.

The company headquarters located in Villafranca del Penedes, close to Barcelona, owns and operates several vineyards in Catalonia, Rioja, Priorat, Monsant, and Ribera del Duero in Spain.

The energetic Marimar runs the vineyards and winery in California.

The Chilean winery in Curico, acquired in 1979, is managed under the direction and guidance of Miguel Torres who also supervises wine production.

The Chinese arm of Torres is a new enterprise mainly for distribution in the country that shows a lot of potential in wine consumption and Miguel wants to be part of this growing market.

The Chilean arm of Torres in Curico, approximately 200 km. south of Santiago produces 350 000 cases from its 100 hectares of vineyards and exports a large proportion of it to Europe, mainly the United Kingdom and Sweden. The United States, Canada and Japan are also lucrative markets.

The Curico winery produces four lines (San Medin, Santa Digna Reserva, (Maguehuea, Cordillera, Manso de Velasco) and Conde).

Miguel Torres

studied winemaking in Dijon, Burgundy and has predilection for French grape varieties. He managed to find vineyard locations to grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer on different altitudes in Catalonia, a feat no one had accomplished before. Do not be surprised to find Riesling or Pinot Noir wines from Catalonia under the Torres label. Other wineries never consider growing and/or buying local varieties.

Torres wines

from the entry level to the epitome are always reasonably priced, a reason of their popularity in world markets.

Marimar’s Califonia winery specializes in high-end wines exclusively. The production is small (15,000 cases) and highly selective consisting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Although Miguel Torres is a very busy executive, he still receives visitors to the winery and hosts many journalists trying to convince them about the value of Spanish wines first, then the Catalonian, and ultimately his. For him wine is a life long love affair and it shows. He directs many winemakers but you can still detect his hand in Torres wines as they are always fruity, balanced and meant mostly for the table. Some of the white wines can be sipped with tapas, or on their own.

I would be amiss not to mention Torres dessert wines, which express the Mediterranean climate of Catalonia perfectly. Also worth mentioning is the line of brandies Torres produces.

All Torres wines are well represented in Canada and recently a manager was appointed to promote, serve better the clientele, educate the public and expand the market.


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