Toula Restaurant – Westin Hotel in Toronto

Toula Restaurant
Toula Restaurant


The Toula restaurant on the 38th floor of the Westin Hotel in Toronto affords beautiful vies of Lake Ontario, and Toronto.

The menu is short, offering regular fare.  Recently, I had an opportunity to eat lunch there.

At 12 o’clock the restaurant was empty, except for two guests, which should have served as clue about the reputation of the establishment.

I ordered smoked salmon, steak (medium-rare).  The smoked salmon arrived ($ 19.00) with a slice of un-pitted lemon. Instead of a wedge that should have been pitted and wrapped in cheesecloth. At this price one expects at least a presentation to justify the high price.

The steak ($ 38.00) was full of gristle, improperly cooked and chewy.  At this price I expect at least a good, if not superior, quality of meat that is perfectly cooked according to order.

The service was amateurish at best, as servers forgot to brink a napkin, and served in a very unprofessional manner.

The wine glasses of this restaurant are totally inappropriate for wine.

Overall, I cannot and will not recommend visiting this establishment.