Tourism or Voyeurism


Tourism is now a multi billion-dollar world wide industry. There are millions of people with enough energy, curiosity, and money who want to travel and experience different cultures, or scenery, or simply to sunbathe and swim.

By definition a tourist is a traveller who wants to see pleasant sceneries, visit sights of all sorts, experience different foods, enjoy entertainment and stay in a reasonably comfortable hotel, motel, farm house or refurbished shed, or even a tent or caravan.

Curious tourists can create consciously or unconsciously a whole itinerary of voyeurism of poverty, misery, destitution, and cerate a marketing opportunity for travel agents in the business of running sightseeing buses as is now the case in many cities with sufficient inflow of tourists.

Many tourists want to see favelas in Rio de Janeiro, or Cape Town’s poorest quarters, or Istanbul’s suburbs famous for their poor population who are mostly Roma, or Mumbai’s poorest parts, or whorehouses.

Shameless tourists want to see misery and feel superior to the dwellers of slums with no running water, indoor washrooms, even electricity. Needless to say theft is rampant, especially opportunists when they see tourists. Bus companies rarely let their passengers out of the bus, and if they do they take every precaution to protect them from theft.

In some cities curiously in no developed country’s big cities i.e New York, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, just to name a few, travel agencies discovered that misery is marketable for tourists who cherish it.

Why one would travel to another country or city and seek out places with subhuman living conditions?