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The Tourist

Robert Dickinson created a time travel book that needs to be read and reread to understand that he thought while writing.

The first reading will help you understand the “parameters of the case”.

The story starts in the 21st century with a tourist guide named Spens, followed by a 25th century prisoner juxtaposing the past to the future.

Spens’ job is to escort groups’ back and fort through time.

While on the job, in one group, a female traveller disappears. He decides to investigate this mysterious disappearance only to find out that she is not what appears to be.

The plot jumps between the past and present and a mix of perspectives.

It ends with nothing concluded, or any issue solved.

In order to follow the flow of the narrative, you need to have a scientific and exploratory mind involved in space travel, modern technology, and above all, a vivid imagination.

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