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Travel InsuranceTravel Insurance

Travelers spend untold hours to investigate routes, make reservations, check the reputation of restaurants at their destination, have their cars inspected, and even make reservations at gourmet restaurants but rarely think of buying travel insurance.

While traveling, you can become ill, or get involves in an accident, or fall and break an arm or leg, or even be robbed or attacked.

Travel Insurance

A hospital stay in the U S A or any western industrialized European country involves huge bills and a lot of paper work. Without wisely purchased travel insurance you may have to pay thousands to regain your health or be transported comfortably to your country of residence.

Ontario, and many other jurisdictions in Canada and other countries with widespread government provided health care pay minimal amounts for stays outside the country. The same is true in most European countries.

A Canadian had to be operated on for appendicitis in Florida. After five days the bill was in excess of $ 33,000.00, the government insurance agency paid less then ten per cent of the total. The rest had to be borne by the patient.

Travel Insurance

Had he had purchased travel insurance; he would have been covered for the total of the invoice presented pending on the deductible if there was one.

The situation becomes more difficult and complicated in faraway destinations, when travelers experience unexpected health problems or get involved in life-threatening accidents. Insurance covers flights to return home, and even for family members to visit patients in hospitals.

Before you embark on a private or group travel, always think of buying insurance, particularly if you are vulnerable, i.e elderly, traveling with children, and simply traveling on your own.

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Travel Insurance

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