Travelling the East Coast of Australia.

East Coast

Travelling along the East Coast of Australia is probably the best way to experience all that modern culture has to offer. It means you will miss out on some fantastic places to visit, but that is inevitable when travelling in such a big country, and the sights on the East Coast will make up for what you miss out on. This article will consider some of the attractions and places to stay as you make your way along the coast.

1. You’ve seen it from space, now have a closer look

One of the best ways to start a holiday in Australia in style is to visit the Great Barrier Reef and learn to dive. Over a period of just a few days or a week you can learn to dive at the Great Barrier Reef and then get an opportunity to take a guided tour of the reef. Historical diving has resulted in you only being able to follow specific routes because too many people took coral as a souvenir of their visit. This does not diminish the experience of swimming with fish amongst the coral however. Make sure you take this unique opportunity or you will regret it forever.

2. Learn to surf

Learning to surf, or at least surfing if you already can, is an absolute must when visiting Australia. Check into a serviced apartment in Brisbane and spend a few days on the long golden beaches of the Sunshine State. Brisbane has a huge amount to offer architecturally and is a fantastic cultural city with museums and galleries to explore. Make sure you enjoy the best of both worlds by surfing in the mornings before it is too hot and exploring the cities in the afternoons. You will find excellent cuisine and a great nightlife to make your stay all the more entertaining.

3. Go and see an Opera

Arriving in Sydney is a surprise; simply for the fact that once you arrive at the outskirts you still have around 2 hours to travel to get to the Central Business District. Sydney is a vast expanse of a city which really brings into perspective how large the entire country is. There is an endless list of things to do in Sydney but an absolute must is to stand on top of the Harbour Bridge as the sun sets. It is also necessary to see a show in the Sydney Opera House, the iconic symbol of Australia. Make sure you stay in a serviced apartment in Sydney for a few days because there is so much to do in this vast city that you will need that at least.

4. Drive the Great Ocean Road

Without a doubt, one of the best experiences you could have in Australia is a tour of, or a drive down, the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road takes you through and past some of the best coastal scenery in the entirety of Australia. It is a fantastic passage which takes you past the Twelve Apostles, an outcrop of 12 limestone spires which have been shaped over centuries by the sea beating against the cliff face.


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