Trier on the Mosel River

Trier on the Mosel River

Trier on the Mosel River

Trier with a population of 110000 is located on the Mosel River.

It is possibly one of the most charming and walk able cities in Germany.

It was founded by Celts late in the fourth century B.C, and was conquered by Romans in the late first century A D, then was christened Augusta Trevorum, or simply Trevorum. The Roman amphitheatre sitting 20000, and Porta Nigra are only two of the many sites on Trier.

There are seven museums in this lovely city – Rheinisches Landesmuseum is the largest and most important of all. Roman baths, the Constantin Basilica, the Karl Marx House (he was born there) and important and popular sights.

The city is well connected by rail and many first class highways to the rest of Germany and Europe. The closest airport is 50 kilometres away in Luxembourg. Riverboats also call on Trier daily sailing up and down the winding Mosel River.

If you enjoy wine and happen to be in Trier, rent a car and visit town such as Bernkastel, Zeltingen, Urzig along the Mosel River, after calling a few wineries in the town, or better yet getting in touch while in town with them on line. Most wineries have websites providing important and useful information.

Very small family wineries may or may not pour their wines; some of them advertise by using roadside sandwich boards. Most speak German only, so if you do speak some German it will encourage them to pour their better wines.

Even if you don’t drink wine, driving along the Mosel is a lifetime experience. Looking ad enjoying the scenery on a sunny summer day from a slow-sailing boat may be a life-changing experience, and hook you on river cruises.

Here are some wineries you may want to visit.

From Trier driving north, the first and important wine village is Berkastel-Kues, then Traben Trarbach, Zell.

Trier itself is home to several wineries – Bischofliche Weinguter, Weingut Friedrich-Wilhelm Gymnasium are onlytow. Both would be happy to receive you if you call them in advance.

Bernkastel is home to several important wineries- Weingut Dr. Loosen, Dr. Heidemann Bergweiler, Sankt Laurentius Sekt, Leiwen; Weingut Benedict-Loosen Erben, Urzig; Weingut S.A. Prum, Wehlen; Weingut Markus Molitor, Wehlen; Weingut Schloss Lieser, Lieser; Weingut Axel Pauly, Lieser’; Weingut Bollig-Lehnert, Trittenheim.