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Mo Duffy Cobb

Pottersfield Press, Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia

206 pages, $ 19.95


The author, Mo Duffy Cobb, an English teacher, writes in an animated, flowing, engaging style that captivates the reader and urges him to continue reading to learn what happens next.

She and her husband Mitch felt a drastic change was necessary to get on with their lives after the stillbirth of their son Tya.

The young family with their toddler Leila, decided to embark on an extended trip from Prince Edward Island to England, Germany and then to a number of Far Eastern countries to learn about old, vibrant cultures that are now attracting millions of tourists to their beaches and monumental historic sites.

Before leaving Prince Edward Island, the family had planned to reunite in Vietnam for a mid-journey break to refresh their thoughts and togetherness. This proves to be an important event between generations, and reveals how people think as times change.

The author’s vivacious style and constant thoughts about her lost child are moving, and remind the reader how the loss of a child affects the life of a parent.

Unpacked is the inspiring story of a mother in search of herself and who struggles to keep a marriage intact, with a toddler who is subjected to a number of cultures and travel experiences.

This memoir, cum comedic travel log, motherhood interspersed with shocking twists and turns, makes for thrilling reading.

Any young family contemplating or planning a long trip would benefit greatly, from the fast-paced narrative, and proceed to avoid pitfalls that await travellers I unfamiliar territory.

Highly recommended.





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