The Unsung Heroes of Medoc-Moulis and Listrac.

medocMedoc-Moulis and Listrac

Last year, an effort to combine Listrac and Moulis (sub-appellations of Medoc) was prevented by a few votes. The visualized combination would have allowed the 132 chateaux to label their wines as Moulis-Listrac, providing a better chance for marketing.

Moulis contains 600 hectares and 42 chateaux; Listrac 690 hectares and 90 chateaux; most of which bear cru bourgeois classification, although both regions are located between Margaux and St Julien to the north, albeit inland from the estuary of Gironde. The soil is similar to Margaux but the climate a little cooler. The saying in Bordeaux that the chateaux that enjoy a good view of the Gironde produce better wines underlines the veracity of the notion “terroir”!

Moulis wines are soft, rich and charming, a few years after bottling, whereas those of Listrac are hard, requiring long cellaring. The 2000 vintage of Listrac was highly successful by the following chateaux:

Chateau Clarke,
Chateau La Caravelle,
Chateau Fonreaud
Chateau Fourcas-Dumont
Chateau Lalande,
Domaine de Capderville
Chateau Peyredon,
Château Lagravette
Chateau Sarasot Dupre
Chateau Vieux Moulin
Chateau Fourcas Hosten
Chateau Bellegrave

All above are reasonably prices from approximately $ 20.00- to 50.00

In Moulis the following chateaux produced fine wines:

Chateau Chasse Spleen
Chateau Brillette
Chateau Puojeaux
Chateau Maucaillou
Chateau Malmaison
Chateau La Mouline
Chateau Duplessis
Chateau Moulin a Vent
Chateau Jordi

Prices range from $ 25.00- to 40.00

If you are looking for value and prepared to cellar these wine for one or two years, you will be well rewarded.


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