Vintage Character Port Wine.

Port Wine

Port wine enthusiasts can rejoice now that there is a new and fruity wine on the market, enjoyable upon purchase.

Vintage character port is a new edition to the already fragmented category.

Port can be vintage (considered to be the best of all), LBV (Late Bottled Vintage), colheita, aged tawny, ruby and white. Vintage ports are declared, and only when the quality warrants it. Only two to three percent of all port wines produced fall into this category. Vintage ports are expensive and require long aging, sometimes more than two decades.

English port aficionados, buy vintage port wines when an offspring is born and wait until he/she is 20 or 25 to present it as a birthday gift.

Often gentlemen buy a vintage port of the birth year of a friend and present it as a token of friendship.

These days’ young or middle-aged port enthusiasts don’t seem to have the patience to wait that long and buy mature vintage ports at market price.

Vintage character port is a ruby port of superior quality, more concentrated in flavour, body, and intense in colour.

Unlike vintage or LBV, there is no vintage indication on the label. Winemakers blend vintage character port to achieve uniformity from year to year and develop a style. Large port shippers carry huge inventories and can blend more consistent releases year after year,

Vintage character port is a category designed to attract younger wine consumers to port, and an opportunity for shippers to use their inventories more profitably.

Once opened, a vintage character port will keep well for up to three weeks and you can buy one bottle at the time. Vintage ports must be consumed once opened and decanted.

Supplies are ample and consistent. These ports are cold stabilized and throw no sediment, hence decanting is unnecessary. There are, however, exceptions to this. Vintage character port is a category that benefits both consumers and producers.

Here are some proven brands of Port Wine:

Bin 27 Fine Reserve Vintage Character Port, Fonseca Guimarens
Warrior Special Reserve Vintage Port, Warre and Co.
Fine Rich Special Reserve Vintage Character Port, Delaforce and Sons
Vintage Character Port, Calem.
Vintage Character Port, Niepoort
Vintage Character Port, Casa de Santa Eufemia
Vintage Port, Quinta de Romaneira
Grahams’ Six Grapes Port Unfiltered,
Cellar Reserve Vintage Character Port, Quinta do Portal
Vintage Character Port, Quinta de Ventozelo
Churchill’s Vintage Character Port, Churchill-Graham
Special Reserve Vintage Character Port, Smithes-Cockburn

Port wine

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