How to visit the different food joints of Sydney.

Sydney’s Friendliest Bars

Car hire Sydney airport is very much popular as it helps in enjoying the vacations in much better way, Sydney is a very popular tourist destination, and people come here to explore different aspects. Other than the tourist spots, there are many good food joints which are a must to visit as delicious food items are offered here at good rates. Here are some of them:

Quay: Very nice and busy restaurant, where different cuisines can be tasted. Advance booking should be done for enjoying romantic dinners; the place is taken cared by young chefs and is a must to visit.

Spice I Am: Taste the best Thai cuisine here, the rates are good and worth paying as everything on the menu card is delicious and spicy.

The Summit Restaurant Orbit Lounge Bar: This is a revolving restaurant; in every 105 minutes it completes a round which is a good time to finish the meal. The popular dishes are seared rare tuna, prawn tapas, pepper-crust snapper, etc. one can order anything as per the taste.

Bodhi: People come here for having value for money food, the interiors of the place offers a relaxing environment and is perfect to enjoy meals with friends.

Aria: This food joint is known for its fine-dining and offers a good view of Opera House. The services are great and advance reservations are needed, as the place is always full.

Chinta Ria: Specially known for its Malaysian food, the colorful décor and excellent service makes the place one of the favorite among people.

Bungalow 8: For seafood lovers, this food joint is a place to visit by taking car hire services. Different varieties of fresh and delicious food items are served with great wines and cocktails.

Bills: Taste the best sweet-corn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon and enjoy great breakfast with the loved one.

Mohr Fish: Popular for different fish items prawn-and-fish dumplings with chilli soy sauce, one should defiantly come here by taking the car and taste the mouth watering items.

Hugo’s Bar Pizza: This place offers best pizzas with different crusts, toppings and loads of cheese at affordable rates.

Chocolate by the Bald Man Max Brenner:  A must food joint to visit as different types of chocolates can be tasted here, kids love the place as it serves chocolate fondue, which is served with fruit, banana bread, brownie, and marshmallows.

Bar Reggio: Taste the true Italian food like pasta, pizza, and meat and fish dishes in this food joint with loved one at good rates.

All these food joints can be visited by taking the car hire sydney airport services for enjoying different meals with loved one. These cars help in going to all the food joints in an easy way and save a lot of time and efforts.

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