Visiting Paris on a Budget.


Paris happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. The country attracts more tourists than any other.

Paris is expensive, and its merchants have developed the art of selling souvenirs, services, entertainment, accommodation, food and beverages at high prices.

Paris’s museums display outstanding treasures. Tourists sights i.e the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomph, museums, and old and modern architecture abound.

Before you travel, book accommodation on the IT or through a travel agency.

The city is divided into arrondisments (boroughs). Those close to the Champs Elysee and major squares (Place de la Concorde, Place de la Madeleine) are expensive.

When booking accommodation, look for smaller family-run establishments away from the city centre. You can look up the map of Paris on the IT.

Buy a one-day Paris City Passport ($ 32.00) that offers you priority admission to the Louvre (one of the best museums of the world) and Bateau Mouches sightseeing boats on the Seine River plus unlimited transportation on all public vehicles. Use the Metro (subway) as much as you can. It is fast, relatively safe and can be fun studying the stations. The city has the best subway system in the world and was one of the first to operate one. You can also buy a “carnet” (10 Metro tickets) for $ 16.00 for one day.

Explore food stores before you make a restaurant reservation. Many grocery stores, and even department stores operate food sections, brimming with charcuterie, canned food (sardines, tuna, squid, smoked mussles), French-grown tomatoes and cucumbers in season, excellent bread selections, small bottles of extra virgin olive oil, Orleans vinegar, or small packages of superb Normandy butter.

You can have an excellent and satisfying meal in the park or in your hotel room. (Small hotels do not offer refrigerators or mini bars in rooms).

Try to visit in September or October, months with less tourist traffic.
Avoid August altogether as at least half of the city is out vacationing in the south or out of the country.
On Ile de la Cite, the Notre Dame Cathedral is free for all, and well worth your attention.
You can have a coffee on a side walk café ad watch to world pass by. It is fun and costs nothing.
If you want to have a good meal, visit a family-run bistro or small wine bar for a table d’hote menu.
You can also rent a bike (but you must have an international credit card with a microchip embedded) providing you can navigate among “crazy” Parisian drivers.

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