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Volcanic Wines

Volcanic Wines takes the notion of terroir to new heights. Every serious wine drinker knows enough about the importance of terroir and makes his/her buying decisions accordingly.

John Sazbo goes into minute detail about the overarching theme and link between a wide range of grape varieties and volcanic wine regions.

This is a wonderful book for every wine enthusiast, potential winemaker, sommelier, wine director, wine instructor and casual consumer.

Before you start reading this beautifully illustrated book with over 400 breathtaking photographs, highlighting world’s volcanic vineyards, read the glossary of volcanic and geological terms, and refer to it every now and then to refresh your memory.

The author, a master sommelier, and wine writer explains in minute detail the geological dynamics of volcanic soils, then explores how they affect taste, how the vines adopt to survive and thrive, difficulties associates with growing grapes on volcanic soils, and the dangers it entails.

Volcanic Wines is well researched, informative, erudite, well sequenced, and insightful.

After general comments in each region, several wineries are listed, evaluated, and their wines described.

This in itself is a welcome addition to a wine book for the wine drinker who wants to travel and visit weenies in a region.

The narrative starts with the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington and British Columbia) and continues with northern California, then travels to Chile, Macaronesia, Azores Islands (Portugal), Alsace and Germany, Italy, Santorini Island (Greece), and Tokaj (Hungary).

Here is a book that must be studied, used as a reference frequently, not only by wine consumers, but also educators, sommeliers, wine writers, people thinking to become grape growers and or winemakers.

Highly recommended.

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