Walkabout Paris day three.

Walkabout Paris Walkabout Paris

We have been a weekend in Paris and we tried to see as much as possible in the short time, so it has been a lot of walking. This is the road map we followed on day three:

We started again at the Eiffel tower and look NO queue!! Then again it is one hour until opening (09:30). The queue was formerly starting so we had about an hour in it, but then again we were among the first 20 people in it.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

We took the elevator up to stage 2 and took a lot of pictures and admired the view.

Eiffel Tower


As we were in the queue to the Eiffel Tower and the sun rise we know it would be a hot day with temperature up against 30 degrees Celsius. The route for today was to take the Metro to Les Halles and just walk around.

Pompidou Centre

We did pass the Pompidou Centre. Because it was so hot and that this was our third day we decided to take it short, so we ended up with about 4 km totally + an hour in queue at the Eiffel Tower. Here ends our walkabout Paris and we do hope you have enjoyed reading about it.

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Walkabout Paris

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